Monday, April 6, 2009

Tilling Begins

The garden is coming along. I went ahead and started tilling on Saturday. I worked until I ran out of gas, tilling about 50 sq. ft. I estimate the garden will be 500 sq ft. or so. The tilling wasn’t hard. The soil isn’t as sandy as I thought it would be. It isn’t nearly as fertile as our soil in central Washington, but I think it will work. I decided to wait on the mushroom compost (I don’t have a truck readily available to get it here and delivery costs as much as the compost itself!). I will use what compost I have out of my composter as mulch once the plants are established. We’ll see if I’ll need something more to supplement.

My fence was finished yesterday, and looks wonderful. Thanks, Big Al.

Today was beautiful, so I was able to get half the garden tilled. It took some time and I got a workout, but I got it done. I was so excited when I finished that I went ahead and planted about ¼ of the garden. I redesigned my garden on I’m not done with the remodel…it’s a work in progress. After printing out my original plan and taking it to the garden, it just wasn’t flowing well.

I decided to plan my peas between the different varieties of corn. Since peas tend to like cooler weather, I thought that some shade from the corn stalks might be helpful. We’ll see. I’ve not had much success with corn before, so I’m hoping they will do well.

I plan to plant another ¼ of the garden tomorrow and will hopefully get some more tilling done. We have freeze watch in effect for the next two nights, so I’ll be bringing in my tomato, pepper, strawberry and cucumber seedlings to ensure they don’t sustain any damage. As soon as the warning has lifted, I hope to get them in the ground, hopefully before the end of the week.

Let the gardening begin!

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