Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Started on the Garden

After what seems like forever, we were able to get started on the garden today.

The weather has not been cooperative the past week or so, preventing any real outside work. Tornado warnings and flash flooding tend to keep home gardeners inside. The rain was much needed, though, and helped to green up our no longer dormant lawn. My rain barrels runneth over and are eager to be of assistance during the dry weeks.

We have also been waiting on our “fence guy” to get started on our fence. We debated back and forth for several weeks about what type of fence we wanted to enclose our garden. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need a fence at all. But as you saw, my angelic puppy and his little sidekick enjoy making landscaping adjustments without prior approval, necessitating a garden enclosure. I originally thought that a simple poultry fence would be fine, but after looking at one at a friend’s house, I wasn’t sure that it would hold up to the dogs. I then thought that maybe a chain link fence would work. It would allow plenty of light through and keep the dogs out. My fence guy suggested a wood picket fence, which he felt would add much more value to the property and didn’t cost much more than the chain link. I decided on a short, wood picket fence. Fence Guy is going to hand make it so that the slats will be wider apart than a standard fence, allowing the most light through without letting Chester in. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product…hopefully before the end of the week.

Jake, Jolie, and I spent the morning digging up and transferring piles of last year’s pine needles and oak leaves that we saved from last year. Well, actually they just didn't fit into our composter, so we had to pile them all up next to the composter and add them to the mix as the compost broke down over time. We spread the partially decomposed material over the garden area, having just enough to cover most of the garden. My goal is to have the area tilled before the weekend so that I can add one more layer. I will be getting one cubic yard of mushroom compost from a local garden supply store this weekend to spread over the top and till it one more time. If the weather holds, hopefully I’ll be able to start planting Sunday after church.

Here are some photos -


Step 1

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