Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day One is a Success

I would say about two-thirds of our stuff is now packed. Our house is a maze of boxes, stacked nearly to the ceiling. The kids are having a blast weaving in between them, hiding behind them, and playing with toys on top of them.

Jake and Jolie acted as moving assistants today. Jake was tasked early with helping to pack up his toys. Justin was a big fan of this request. Believe it or not, the older two spent the entire day chatting the ear off of the nice woman helping to pack up their toys. Jensen spent the majority of the day requesting "hold you." He is going through a clingy stage, and having strangers in the house didn't help his cause much at all.

The kids' bathroom is stuffed full of everything I deem too precious to allow the movers to pack...the filing boxes, photos, jewelry, instruments, coin collections, medications and undergarments. That's right. I'm not a big fan of having other people mess with my skivvies, thank you very much. We'll load all of those items into the vehicles Thursday before heading to our hotel.

I am looking forward to completing the moving process. We haven't been eating very well since getting back from our house-hunting trip. Knowing that we would be leaving, we stopped stocking up at the commissary and instead were trying to finish up what we had. I think we learned our lesson and look forward to getting settled and finding the closest farmers market and getting our garden started.

Tonight, we are sleeping in sleeping bags scattered throughout the house. Justin is concerned that the slick sleeping bags will slip off the bed, so he has positioned himself on the "little" couch. Jensen is asleep on the "big" couch. Jake is on his floor, enjoying having his own room for one night. Jolie decided to take up camp in the office, one of the only rooms without boxes. I think I'll go ahead and grab a sleeping bag and tempt fate with the slick bag and see if I can avoid slipping off the bed.

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Shez said...

Good luck with the move. We missed you at HSoBX this spring.