Monday, May 19, 2008

The Generosity of a Little Girl

A few months ago, I was reintroduced to Locks of Love. I showed the web video to Jolie, who was immediately hooked. She decided that she wanted to donate her hair to a little girl who didn’t have any hair. We discussed the different reasons why a child might not be able to grow any hair, which instantly intensified her desire to give.
Locks of Love requires ten inches of hair in order to make a hairpiece. Jolie had just about ten inches (which would keep her new hairdo from being too short), so I encouraged her to wait a few months and then we would get her hair cut. I’m pretty sure I was asked to measure her hair at least every other day to ensure that she was making progress and would eventually have enough to give.
Well, at the end of April, the day finally came. My neighbor watched the boys and Jolie and I made a special trip to a salon to get our haircut. This was her first “professional” hair cut. I had trimmed her hair several times up to that point, the first of which being when she was about three.
She did a fantastic job. She sat still, looked down when told, and seemingly enjoyed the experience.
When we got home from the salon, we placed her ponytail in an envelope and sent it to Locks of Love.
I am amazed at the generosity of my daughter. At only five years old, she is already starting to display the character traits that would make any parent proud. I’m sure I’m biased because she is mine, but she impresses me everyday.


MLD said...

Glad you found a nice house and had a little "adult time" together.

Good for Jolie giving up her hair! She looks adorable! My baby-sitter did the same thing and Austen is considering the idea. It's so rewarding when our kids think of others.

alegna412 said...

That is sooooo wonderful! I'm proud of you Jolie!

eema4u said...

Grammy's little Angel!! I am so proud of you and the gift you have given. This is something some other little girl will remember ALL of her life. I am however not very surprised that this wonderful little girl would reach out to someone else in her time of need. Her parents are the epitome of L.O.V.E. so she and her brothers will do no less I AM SURE!! Most of us remember our first real haircuts with trepidation to say the least. THOSE WONDERFUL CROOKED LOPSIDED JOBS THAT WE HAVE ALL HAD!! She however, thanks to her parents, will have warm loving thoughts of the gift she gave, not the locks she lost!!! STEP UP THE REST OF YOU!!!!