Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vegetable Politics

Though I am not a lover of politics, my husband is. To him, political season is like football season to most. Each debate is savored, each political analysis relished. It is no surprise, then, that my children have picked up on some of the political dialog going on in our house during this time of the year.

Yesterday, during our Saturday “down time,” the kids were running around the house saying silly phrases and one of them said Celery Clinton. Well, this opened up a flood of ideas. Could each of the possible presidential nominees have a veggie-related name?

Over dinner tonight, we were able to come up with names for the other possible nominees…while rolling on the floor laughing, of course.

Celery Clinton
Broccoli Obama
John McBean
Ralph Tater

The kids then spent the rest of the night running around the house, taking turns being Celery Clinton and Broccoli Obama, John McBean and Ralph Tater. They don’t know much about politics as of yet, but we hope that by exposing them to different schools of thought and differing opinions that they will be better citizens someday because of it.

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