Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Junior First Lego League Expo

During the summer, some local families showed interest in setting up teams for the Junior version of First Lego League. The Junior First Lego League (JFLL) was established for 6-9 year olds to participate in a scaled-down challenge that is presented annually to the 9-14 year old First Lego League participants.

Since Jake lives for Legos, we decided that it was just the activity for him to participate in. We met some other regional homeschooling families at a park, divided into local teams and got to work. This year’s challenge was Power Puzzle. The kids were to learn about the types of energy used in the facility we met in and then design and build a model of the meeting place, in our case, the library. The kids then chose to demonstrate the different types of simple machines found in the library and incorporated them into the model, along with a motorized car to go through the drive-through book drop.

Our family had a blast participating in the challenge and expo. If we are unable to find an established team in our next town, then I may have to step up and be a JFLL coach to a group of Lego-hungry kids.

Here are some photos of our presentation taken at the expo.

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eema4u said...

GO JAKE!!!! You ALWAYS make Grammy proud!*!*!*!(and of course you too mom)