Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gotta Love Newborn Diapers

A friend of mine is the proud homeschooling mom to six girls. Yes, I said SIX girls. I'm sure she gets asked quite often, "So, were you trying for a boy?" But who wouldn't be happy with girls. I am one of four daughters and my parents never once seemed upset not to have a son. We all learned how to mow the grass and worked in the yard as well if not better than any boy.

Well, back to diapers. Being the mom of six, she has definitely seen her share of diapers. I only have three, and I know I've seen my fair share. Daughter #6 is very new to the family (I guess she's about 3 months old now), and in those wee first days, she, along will all newborns, blessed her mother with many a dirty diaper.

The question is, how do babies do it? No matter what kind of diaper, whether commercial or cloth, all babies bless us with one or more of these surprises, sometimes not even dirtying the diaper, making the process a real mystery.

I am now towards the end of my diapering years. Jensen is starting to examine the potty with much enthusiasm. We are not "potty pushers." He'll be potty trained when he is darn ready. As my mom always says, "They won't be going to college in diapers." Ain't that the truth!

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