Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Menu Planning - June 29th

This week's menu might get changed around...we'll have to see. Justin and I will be starting our P90X exercise program this week, and I have yet to read the "diet" portion of the plan. Hubby says that it isn't much different from the way we usually eat, so I'm not too concerned. I'll look it over tonight and see. Here is a rough draft of this week's meals.

Mon. – Quesadillas, fruit, black beans
Tues. – Red beans and rice, kielbasa, green beans
Wed. – Chicken casserole / tofu casserole (Jake changed the menu on me last Wednesday for his birthday, so we'll try casserole again this week), mixed veggies, apple sauce
Thurs. – Out to eat (Mexican) with my parents
Fri. – Homemade pizza (cheese and pepperoni), bread sticks, salad
Sat. – Burgers (veggie and meat), Italian pasta salad, cinnamon apples
Sun. – Leftovers


Alegna412 said...

I see veggie burgers on the you make your own? Just looking for a good recipe :)

Jaynelle said...

I do have a recipe, Ang. I'll look it up and post it soon. Love ya.