Monday, March 2, 2009

Mother Nature's Reminder

Since placing my seed orders, I’ve received one box of seeds in the mail. I have measured out the garden and started working with the PlanGarden software. Jolie and I bought some tomato and pepper plants from the farmer’s market last weekend and are planning to get some strawberry plants this weekend. There are also some blueberry bushes and an orange tree in our near future.

Needless to say, I have the itch to get planting.

Luckily for me, Mother Nature has her own special way of reminding those of us with plant-itis to just hold our horsies for a little bit longer. Several nights of below freezing temperatures will solidify that hint every time.

It has been cold here the past few nights with temps in the low 30s at night and mid 50s during the day. According to PlanGarden, our last spring frost is around March 13th, so not too long before I can really get out there and get my hands dirty. There are a few plants that I can start indoors. Unfortunately, most of those plants are in my second seed order that hasn’t arrived. Hopefully it will be here soon, so I can get some of those seeds started.

Here is my garden plan thus far.

My Garden Design

I’m not finished with it yet. I still have some tweaking to do here and there, but you can get the general idea of it all.

I’ll keep an eye on the weather and follow Mother Nature’s cues. I’ll plant soon, but not too soon. Mother Nature is sure to keep my on my toes this year.

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