Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jake's First Projects

Here are Jake’s first two woodworking projects.

The first is an ornament he made for me his first time working with Sir.

The second is a Harry Potter wand that he made on Saturday. He has several wands at home from Alivan's, but this one is unique and special.

Jake and Sir have another woodworking day planned in two weeks. Jake has many projects in mind, so I’m not sure what he has planned next. I know that I am not allowed in the shop while they are working, though. I wonder if something is for me.

I like that Jakob has been bitten by the creativity bug. He has come home with great ideas after each of his woodworking adventures, ranging from other woodworking projects to home and vehicle designs. I will continue to stoke Jake's interest in woodworking. Maybe he'll build me my "someday" house someday.

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