Tuesday, February 10, 2009

True Mentorship Becomes a Reality

Jake had his first opportunity to do some woodworking with Sir. He spent several hours learning about the tools, different types of joints, and how to use several different machines. Sir picked a project that could be completed in one sitting so that Jake would have a product to take home with him. Jake made a beautiful ornament that hangs from a stand (I’ll post a photo tomorrow). I’m hoping that Sir won’t mind Jake coming over every other week to learn more. Jake had such a great time. Sir gave him a book to look through so that he can choose his next project.

At the beginning of the “school” year, Jake mentioned that he wanted to learn about woodworking. I am so thankful that Sir offered to teach him a skill that neither Justin nor I have. I look forward to watching Jakob and Sir’s relationship grow. This mentoring relationship is just what Jake needs to help mold him as he is quickly growing into a young man.

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