Friday, June 27, 2008

Tentative School Schedule

It’s that time once again when I try to come up with a daily schedule for our school year. It usually takes a few weeks to work out the kinks, but for the most part, a semi-structured day works well for us. I am fairly flexible with the schedule. There will be park days, doctor’s appointments, and sick days, all of which will alter our day.

The schedule is mostly for me, so that I say on track. My kids aren’t naturally as regimented as I am, but as a family I’ve found that having a general schedule helps the days go a bit more smoothly.

Below is a tentative schedule for our school year.

730 Wake up / Morning Chores
800 Breakfast
830 Clean up / Family Meeting
900 Math / Manipulatives
930 Oral Lessons
1000 Snack
1030 Read Aloud
1100 History (M/W); Science (Tu/Th)
1200 Reset
1230 Lunch
100 Quiet time / Individual Studies
200 Individual Studies / Free Time
300 Snack
330 Reset
400 Free Time

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