Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Chore Policy

Utilizing Diann Jeppson's family work system, I have established a program similar to the one she discusses in A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion.

I made two envelopes for each of the "chore doing" members of the family (Jakob, Jolie, and me) and used magnetic clips to keep them on the fridge [I guess Justin is exempt because he goes to work everyday:)]. One envelop is titled Daily Chores and the other is titled ****'s Completed Chores. I wrote down all of the chores that need to get done throughout the week on individual index cards. I labeled each card with the initial(s) of the day(s) of the week in which the chore needs to be completed (i.e. Scoop Kitty Litter - MWF).

Each morning during our family meeting after breakfast, I lay out the chores that need to be done that day. Jake and Jolie take turns choosing the kitchen chores first. To keep things fair, they take turns getting to choose the first chore based on their birthday. Odd birthday = choose first on odd days; even birthday = chooses first on even days. After they have chosen the kitchen chores, the three of us take turns until all of the chores are chosen. There isn’t always the same number of chores to be done each day of the week. There are also some chores that are truly meant for me (i.e. make grocery and menu lists), but if the kids want to choose them, then I'd be willing to work with them to get the chore done. The chores stay in the Daily Chores envelope until they are completed. Obviously, once they are completed they go into the ****'s Completed Chores envelope. Extra chores are kept in The Miller's Chores envelope.

The method seems to be working thus far. It's pretty hard to forget your chores when they are staring you in the face every time you go to the fridge. There are days when not all of the chores get done. Some days I leave the previous day's undone chores in their Daily Chores envelope with the hopes that they will get them done. On other days, I have been known to finish up some chores before heading off to bed.

I decided to go ahead and start doing Chore Wars again. Continuing with the "visual" theme, maybe seeing the points accumulated by individual members of the family will help the kids to see who is doing their fair share around the house. I have alloted each chore a certain number of points based on difficulty and time needed to complete the chore. I'm still debating on whether or not to link the points earned to an "allowance" or to try another award for accumulated points. I'm not a big fan or reward systems, but maybe that is what the kids need to get started. I'll ponder that thought a bit longer.

I am trying to stand by the "inspire, not require" mantra. Hopefully by setting a good example for the kids, I will be able to encourage them to do get done what they need to get done.

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Mrs Hannigan said...

OOH- chore wars looks like handi points, only way more fun. in Handipoints, the kids earn points to buy clothes for their kitty cats.