Monday, March 24, 2008

The Miller Cut

I have become a Jack of all trades. I am a chef, an accountant, a maid, a chauffeur, a nurse, and a beautician. Initially I started cutting Justin’s hair as a means of saving money. He needs a haircut every four to six weeks to maintain his military “look.” The first few months, I had questionable results…just ask some of the guys he worked with at the time. They have a name for the “look” my poor husband had to endure, which I shall not speak of here. Now, eight years later, I have perfected my skills and do a pretty mean haircut if I do say so myself.

Yesterday was Miller Cut day at our house. It was that time, once again, when I turn the half bath into a salon and line my boys up for their shearing.

Jensen was first. He is on Miller Cut #5, I believe. He is usually pretty excited about the idea of getting a haircut, but once he sees the buzzers, he changes his mind pretty quickly. Have you ever seen someone try to wrestle a pig? Well, that was similar to Jensen’s most recent Miller Cut experience, except I was trying to cut his hair during the wrestling. His cut turned out great, except for two little spots that will need some additional “love” at a later, more relaxed time. He was in dire need of a haircut and now looks much more like a big boy than he did before.

Justin was next. He is my best customer when it comes to sitting still. Pickiness is another story. I have been cutting his hair the same way for the last eight, well, probably seven and a half years…after we worked out the kinks. I know in advance each of the spots he will ultimately tell me need to be gone over again. I have learned to just smile and nod and make it look like I’ve cut some additional hair, even though nothing really needs to be fixed. He is trying to “update” his style now that we are going to be changing duty stations and he will get to be “the Chief.” I think I’m going to have to up my skill in order to maintain his new look.

Jakob denied a Miller Cut at this time. His last haircut was in June before his annual photos were taken. He wants to grow his hair out to his shoulders. I am hoping to convince him otherwise, but I’m trying to let him be his own person. I will probably splurge sometime before his birthday and have his hair shaped out on town so that we can get photos taken.

Jolie has only had about five Miller Cuts. She is growing her hair out in order to donate at least ten inches for the Locks of Love program. Her hair is long enough now, but we are going to wait another month so that it will be a little longer and possibly give her a slightly longer than chin-length cut.

By instituting Miller Cuts, we are able to save a significant amount of money each year.

We figure that for a basic haircut (at the Exchange) we would pay about $8-$11 plus tip. Justin needs a haircut about every six weeks. That equates to about $80-$104 a year. Our boys wouldn’t need haircuts as often, we’ll say every two months. That would be about $60-$88 a year each. Jolie would probably need a haircut every three months or so, which comes to $40-$52. Imagine how much more it would cost if we went to a popular salon. I have asked Justin to cut my hair, but he isn’t confident enough (I am pretty particular and don’t really blame him for declining). We have chosen that I will get my hair cut out on town, which dips in to some of our savings, but is necessary.

Our total savings per year for haircuts is about $200-$280, after taking into account the cost of my haircuts. All I can say is…Go Miller Cuts!

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