Saturday, March 8, 2008

Favorite Holiday Gift of 2007

Our family's frugality and eco-friendliness have come together in one fabulous product.
My sisters think I'm crazy, but my favorite gift this past holiday season was a Bag Dryer from I was so excited that my parents had gotten it for me that I nearly jumped for joy.

Why so excited, you ask? We are zipper bag savers. I admit it. We wash and reuse any plastic zipper bag that hasn't held meat. It saves us money and keeps plastic out of the landfill.

I use this thing every day. I used to try to dry my plastic zipper bags on the handles of my pans, which never really worked. I keep the dryer out on the counter and have bags drying nearly every night. It works great. My sisters just may find one in their stocking next year...don't be surprised :)


Justin said...

You are awesome Jaynelle! You do us (your husband and children) proud.

Thank you for everything you do to make sure that we are living as a conscientious and healthy family.

You are the best! I love you.


Alegna412 said...

I Look forward to receiving one :o) I think it's a great idea. I try to reuse my bags as well.

eema4u said...

You continue to amaze me and I thank G-d he Chees'D your way to us!!!