Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sprinklers – True Backyard Fun

I got a two for one deal tonight. I got my lawn watered and the kids got to have some fun running through the sprinkler.

One child…Ahem…Jakob…Ahem…wasn’t pleased with my choice of water-playing device. I misunderstood him and agreed to allow them to play in the “sprayer,” thinking he meant the sprinkler, not the hand sprayer. So he was not happy with me tonight.

The other two had a blast. I don’t think Jensen has ever run through a sprinkler. He and Jolie took turns running full speed at the sprinkler, only to slow down and step over it. They were too cute.

Chester even got in on the action. He, like most dogs I think, tried to attack the water coming out of the sprinkler…or maybe he was trying to drink it. I’m not sure. You should have heard him…grrr…chomp, chomp, chomp…grrr.

My parents’ dog, Herk, used to do that when we would splash him with pool water. He would try to chomp the water as we splashed it at him. Poor Herk is getting up there in age. He will be 13 years old next month. I love you, Herk!

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