Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Back

Well, at least I hope so. Things are starting to slow down around here, so I should be able to get back down to business of blogging.

Chief Initiation is now over, (congratulations all you new Chiefs!) so Justin will be resuming his usual, albeit rotating, schedule.

I am glad that we get to participate in Chief Initiation each year. We chose to join the Navy together (the same week we decided to get married), so I look at this as "our" career. Although I am just a CPO spouse, I enjoy the initiation process and watching as the Selectees grow during the induction process. Unfortunately, this year Justin just happened to be on "eves," so he was burning the candle at both ends...getting home in the middle of the night and leaving again before the sun came up...all to be there and support his SLUG (Selectee Learning Under Guidance).

We spent a fortune on this year's Selectees too! It seemed like there was some sort of fundraiser just about every day of the week. We said from the beginning that we were going to have to put aside money every month for Chief Initiation each year. It is worth it, though. The process helps to make the Selectees into the Chiefs you see today. Thank you seasoned Chiefs for all your hard work!

We have now been back at our "school" routine for about a month and have ironed out most of the kinks. The kids are getting their work done each day, despite the many activities we now find ourselves participating in....M=park day; Tu=PE; 1st W=Roots&Shoots, 3rd W (tentatively)=Lego Club; Th=park day; F=field trips and group activities. We are busy, but not yet over-burdened.

Chores have slipped a bit, so I might look into a new method for dividing up chores and accounting for allowance. Right now we change chores daily, but I'm thinking about changing it so we switch chores weekly instead. I'll keep you updated.

The house is quiet, so I better hit the rack (see, I really am a proud Navy wife...I even speak the lingo).

Hope to see you back here tomorrow...wish me luck!

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erin said...

I thought my life was hectic right now! You have me beat for sure! Glad to see that things are getting back to normal! Hope to hear from you soon!