Sunday, July 27, 2008

Married to a Winner

We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon on base, watching Justin play volleyball in the base's Captain's Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament. Volleyball comes naturally to him. He spent his entire childhood living in Florida, surfing, skim boarding, and playing beach volleyball. We lucked out and got here in time for him to participate in this year’s tournament.

The team played well…a bunch of Chiefs (many of which grew up in Florida playing beach volleyball)…playing against a variety of different teams (Marines, Army, Navy).

They won!

This is the third year in a row that “Khaki” team won the Cup. Some of the members will be moving on, so hopefully the rest of the guys will be able to pull off another win next year.

We had a blast…all except the heat and humidity.

I enjoyed meeting some of the people Justin works with and a few spouses. There are some Command events coming up, so hopefully I’ll be able to meet some more spouses.

It’s always nice to know a few other military spouses in your current location. Other military spouses just seem to understand what military life is all about, and can be very supportive. We don’t have any active-duty neighbors…one who is retired and one who is prior military, but no one else is active-duty. We just left military housing at our previous duty station, so not having an immediate support system is a bit different.

I have a few special military friends from each of our previous duty stations who I keep in close contact with. I’m sure I’ll meet some other military spouses here that I will hit it off with…it will just take some time.

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