Sunday, July 6, 2008

The FURminator

I saw an advertisement for the FURminator while at a pet store in Virginia and thought it would be a great brush for our domestic, medium-haired cat, DC. I’ve hadn’t yet found a pet brush that would really help with her shedding, especially prevalent during the summer months.

We got DC when we were stationed in Washington, on a night before Justin left for a work-up on the ship. I couldn’t come up with a name for her, so Justin came up with DC, short for Dog Chow, which went nicely with our then 120 lb. Great Pyrenees. Can you tell that he isn’t a cat person? Yet, when he came back six weeks later, he was her new best friend. Silly cat. She is now nearly seven years old and 17 ½ lbs! She's a big girl, and has a lot of fur.

The FURminator isn't cheap, but it has worked wonders for her and for us. She doesn’t like to be brushed, so I have to brush her in small spurts, but WOW does it do a great job. The FURminator works by helping to remove the pet’s loose undercoat, using a sort of razor-toothed comb to remove the hair. The brush has helped to keep her cool and has helped to decrease (not eliminate) her shedding on the furniture. I got mine at the Navy Exchange (NEX), but several large pet stores carry the wonder-brush.

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