Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our New Toy

It isn’t often that we buy ourselves an adult toy. The kids have their fair share of toys, but Justin and I usually are content with what we have and rarely satisfy those “I want” urges. I’m sure it’s the frugalness in us that says, “No, I don’t really NEED that, but I am going to add it to my wish list.” Our family has a running wish list on the fridge. We add to it anytime we see something that catches our eye, that way when birthdays, holidays, or any other special time comes around, we (and when I say we, I really mean me, because I can never remember what Justin wants/needs, yet he on the other hand can remember every thing I have ever oogled at for more than a moment) have some idea what the other one could really use.

Well, with our move right around the corner, and the high likelihood that we will be purchasing a home, we found that we were in the market for a lawn mower. We sold our old gas mower when we moved from Washington and have just been using an electric weed whacker to clear the small yard we have in our current rental town home.

In trying to be more eco-friendly, we were looking into an electric mower. There are corded and cordless electric mowers currently on the market. They both looked wonderful, but a bit pricey for our taste.

I then just happened upon some reel mowers. You know the ones. Well, actually, I bet you wouldn’t recognize the “new” reel mowers. I remember the one my parents had when I was small. It was metal, it was bulky, and I vividly remember it throwing a rock at me. We were impressed by the price of the reel mowers and their ultra-greenness…there is no gas, no oil, and no electricity to these babies. Just good old-fashioned sweat to make it run.

After some research, we chose the Scotts Classic 20” reel lawn mower. The Scotts had great reviews and was reasonably priced. I liked the fact that it has a 20-inch cutting path, one of the largest in reel mowers on the market. We ordered the mower, along with a grass-catcher bag, which didn’t come with the mower (its only real draw back).

The mower got here today, so what did we do but put it together and play with it. It worked great! No loud engine, no fumes. We are very pleased. Justin mowed not only our yard, but part of the common area at the end of the building. Jake is excited about getting to mow the lawn (I wonder how long that will last). I think the reel mower will be a great addition to our new home.

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Alegna412 said...

Awesome Lawn Mower. If I ever have a yard I will consider getting one of those.