Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Farm Fieldtrip

Friday afternoon we spent at a local farm. Jake was sick at home with Justin, but Jolie, Jensen and I went and had a blast. Jensen was very eager to pet the animals and participate in the activities, like planting seeds and looking for worms.

Jolie, on the other hand, was not so inclined. She preferred to stand by my side during the activities and stand outside of the fence while Jensen pet the animals.

We have enjoyed many memorial fieldtrips while in Virginia Beach. The kids enjoyed a trip to the farm last fall to pick pumpkins and take a hay ride around the farm. A group of us headed into North Carolina to pick apples. We got to see ice cream and waffle cones being made at Cold Stone Creamery and made pizzas at Pizza Hut. I think the one the kids liked best was going to a small, but nationally known bakery, Rowena’s Bakery, for a tour and taste testing (I have to admit, I think that was my favorite trip too).

I hope that we are able to find some places to take field trips to while we are in Florida. There should be lots of wonderful outdoor trips we can take in the area. We’ve found a homeschool group that seems to have a philosophy similar to ours, so we hope to jump right in with them when we get there.


hobbettes_mommy said...

Hey, It's Great to see you! The field trip looks like fun. Thomas Jefferson Ed. is on my summer reading list. - Mrs. March

Libby said...

You'll love Pensacola! It is beautiful and family friendly!!

Plus you have a place to stay outside of Atlanta, so you can field trip up here too :) Coke factory, Aquarium, zoo, BRAVES BASEBAL!!! We are only 5 hours away!